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Versatrans TripTracker Field Trip Ordering System Information & Known Issues

The District has been using Versatrans TripTracker to book field trips since 2010. The following paragraph is from the Versatrans web site:

"VersaTrans TripTracker is a web-based solution for managing all aspects of the field trip process from the initial request through invoicing. With many powerful features such as automated driver selection and a user-defined approval process, VersaTrans TripTracker allows a school district to save hours in the day."

User Self Help

If you're having trouble logging in to TripTracker, make sure you are following the following steps:

  • Navigate to http://transportation.sandi.net/triptracker/Login.aspx or cut and past the link into the address bar of the browser and hit enter
  • At the log in screen you enter your user name, which is your six digit Employee ID number
  • By default your password is the same number
  • After logging in, hover your curser over Admin and then click on the Change User Profile.
  • Change your password from your ID number to something you can remember. Many people are using their PeopleSoft password

If you're having problems approving trips because the Approve/Reject links are hidden behind other web elements (usually in Internet Explorer), do this:

  • Check and make sure your browser's zoom value is 100% or less. It has been found that using any zoom value (of the browser window) of more than 100% causes formatting issues with TripTracker, especially in Internet Explorer. The page most effected by this glitch seems to be the approver page. The easiest way to change the zoom in IE is by using the control/plus or control/minus key combination. Ctrl + increases the zoom while Ctrl - decreases it. To fix, decrease the zoom to 100% or less.

If you would like an introduction to Versatrans RP, whether you're a new user, or just in need of a refresher, the videos available below were prepared by Versatrans for end-users like you. Please view the one appropriate for your role. Windows Media Player is the default player to play these videos, though any player configured to play wmv files should also work. Your questions still not answered? Contact the field trip office for assistance.

View Versatrans TripTracker "How To" Video for Requestors
View Versatrans TripTracker "How To" Video for Approvers

For field trip inquiries call: (858) 496-8743 or e-mail us at fieldtrip@sandi.net

Transportation Center: 4710 Cardin Street, San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 496-8460/8480 Fax (858) 496-8700

Director: Gene Robinson Phone (858) 496-8710 Fax (858) 496-8705

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